The Proposed Action is to implement several construction, repair, and renovation projects at or near MBW to address existing and anticipated facility deficiencies, and better support the functions of the Marine Corps units assigned to MBW. The Proposed Action does not include any change to the MBW mission or staffing levels. The projects anticipated to be implemented within the next 5 years and analyzed in detail in the Draft EIS include:

  • Building 20 Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) Complex Replacement

The principal project analyzed in the Draft EIS is constructing a replacement BEQ Complex (including supporting facilities and parking) for functions currently housed in Building 20. This would include:

  1. Securing a Site (either acquiring land, establishing a tenant site on government-owned property, or selecting a site on MBW property to accommodate a portion of the replacement BEQ requirement [BEQ and support facilities]) and
  2. Constructing an approximately 191,405 Square Foot (SF) BEQ Complex (which includes supporting facilities and parking), while also complying with anti-terrorism/force protection setbacks and applicable laws governing height restrictions
  • Improvements and Renovations at MBW Main Post and Annex Buildings

The Draft EIS analyzed projects related to construction/modification to Building 7 (General Officer’s Quarters garages and warehouse), as well improvements to the MBW Annex main gate at the corner of 7th Street and K Street SE. These include improvements to building facades, fencing, infrastructure, pedestrian amenities, and landscaping throughout the installation to foster integration of MBW with the surrounding community.

The Draft EIS also analyzed 5 alternative sites to meet the replacement BEQ Complex requirements. The 5 alternative sites balance the Marine Corps’ facility requirements with the public’s concerns regarding acquisition of non-Department of Defense (DOD) owned land and public streets. Alternatives 1 and 2 (Sites A and B) require acquisition of non-DOD owned land to fully meet MBW’s space requirements in a single BEQ Complex. Alternative 3 is a single federally owned site; however the site is subject to a master development plan and agreement between the General Services Administration (GSA) and a private developer (Forest City Washington) authorized by prior special legislation. An agreement with Forest City Washington and GSA to transfer Site C to the Department of the Navy/Marine Corps would be required in order for Site C to be selected. Alternatives 4 and 5 (Sites D and E) use DOD-owned land to create split-site alternatives that meet BEQ requirements. Following the publication of the Draft EIS, the Marine Corps identified Alternative 5 (Site E) as the preferred alternative. A discussion of the preferred alternative will be included in the Final EIS.

Comparison of Replacement BEQ Complex Site Action Alternatives

Component Alternative 1 – Site A Alternative 2 – Site B Alternative 3 – Site C Alternative 4 – Site D Alternative 5 – Site E (Preferred Alternative)
Replacement BEQ Location Squares 929 and 930, L Street between 8th and 9th Streets, Capitol Hill Historic District Square 976, segment of L Street between 10th and 11th Streets Square 853 (Southeast Federal Center [SEFC]) Portion of Square 953 (within WNY) Portions of Squares 881 W and 881 (MBW Annex)
Parcel Size (acres) 3.0 1.8 2.1 1.67 0.89
Estimated Number of Stories 5 9 8 5/6 6/7
Maximum allowed height (in feet) based on Height Act restrictions 90 110 110 110 110
Real Estate Acquisition Considerations Private land acquisition (24 properties) Private land acquisition (5 properties) Agreement with Forest City Washington and GSA for transfer of land for Marine Corps development and modification to SEFC Master Plan Not applicable (existing WNY property) Not applicable (existing MBW property)
BEQ Complex Parking Requirement Location At Site A At Site B At Site C At Building 20 Site At Building 20 Site
Affected Street ROW L Street SE (340 feet between 8th and 9th Streets SE) L Street SE (315 feet between 10th and 11th Streets SE) Not applicable Poor Street (within WNY boundary) 6th Street (within MBW Annex boundary)
Street ROW Impacts Closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking Closed to vehicular traffic and parking (L Street and Virginia Avenue Park remain open to pedestrians) Not applicable Closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking 6th Street viewshed (74 feet between L Street SE and K Street SE)
Demolition 14 buildings 5 buildings 2 small buildings 1 building, tennis and basketball courts, parking lot 1 basketball court

(Note: A “square” is the unit of land defined by the D.C. Surveyor that normally consists of a single city block and contains recorded tax lots.)

MBW Properties and Alternative BEQ Complex Sites
  • Projects Proposed Beyond the 5-year Planning Horizon (Programmatic Look)
    • Reuse of the Building 20 site - (How will it be used once it is no longer a BEQ and support facility)
    • Interior renovations to Building 9
    • Additional landscaping and maintenance projects

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